Friday, 6 May 2011

Sci Fi Tucks!

Hey y'all. Ahead of our approaching deep space encounter at KRAAK i thought i'd lay down a few SCI FI TUCKS that i've found.

The first two are obviously Arnie in Total Recall - The top one he's skulking about the rough end of that space town on Mars, mad dry ice party going on in the titty bar - Firmly tucked, with jacket - jacket open, civilized but approachable and welcoming. Good vibes for the mission.

Second one down Arnie again. About to get on that mad head machine, gripping on by his tuck and massive fists. But looking closer at his clobber you notice that his trousers look exactly the same colour and material as his shirt - or is it a boiler suit? If you were going to be put in an artificial reality machine for some time surely it'd be practical to wear a boiler suit? If so, then Arnie, or 'Quaid', is fronting a boiler-suit auto-tuck combo, now that IS sci fi!

Not too sure about the guy at the bottom. He does look like he could be a member of Imagination.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Ste... That's definately Leee John from Imagination..... 'Im burnin up!'