Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Soon come Gee's!

'Unlock your potential with our lifestyle upgrade'

INKSWEL comes to us on the back of some heavy releases... partnering up with his homie Tom Noble for a deadly 7 on Superior Elevation, dropping a killer 12 on Boogie Bash featuring the super sexy Xerox-Boogie SMASH "She Likes Techno"...

With a powerful collection of megga expensive obscurities, Inkswel is no bandwagon jumping newcomer to the boogie scene::: he has DEEP KNOWLEDGE and some top secret connects to the RARE GEAR...

Joining Inkswel at the controls will be the usual Wet Play culprits... for this one we are going FULL STEAM AHEAD with punchy kicks, soaring synths and brutal VHS overload - this is going to be a HEAVY BOOGIE SESSION from top to tail...

'You have nothing to lose but your innocence'

Wet Play present INKSWEL (Superior Elevation, Boogie Bash)

Soup Kitchen Basement, Sat 1 Oct, 10pm - Late

Entry £5 / £7 - tix from Piccadilly Records, Soup Kitchen & Skiddle

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