Monday, 3 October 2011

LIVE 100% Silk Halloween DRENCHHHHHH!

Wet Play / Faktion & Islington Mill present....
A super XXX-rated Wet Play looms...listen in as we penetrate through cybernetic loving.

This Halloween we have what must be our WETTEST play yet as we bring neo-gothic, cyber-psyche ALIEN / GODDESS>>>

**MARIA MINERVA** to our grubby little city. The Not Not Fun wierdo-demi-god has been causing more intergalactic bliss and celestial singa-a-longs than we can physically digest since her debut album "Cabaret Cixous" dropped this year.

Joining us in the tub we also have D.C's own PROTECT-U (Future Times) - who, along with Beautiful Swimmers and Slava, have been at the forefront of rocking the new tropical tech-boogie sound with raw as fuck drum machine abuse, luminescent synth work and pure dancefloor swagger.

Add to this some mind blowing future music, produced by one of the hottest cats at the moment, ITAL, we're bringing a full 100% SILK show to Islington Mill in what can only be described as a

** Package holiday to a cybalaeric underwater sex lair on Neptune circa: AD2043*

ALL playing LIVE!!!!

Maria Minerva (100% Silk, Not Not Fun)
Ital (100% Silk, Lovers Rock)
Protect-U (Future Times,)

Wing-support provided by
+ Wet Play and DJ Jerk (FAKTION)

Before we go any further I URGE you to check out these links.

ITAL (this ones SICK - pure fucked up psy-house vibes with a few classics for kids born in the 80s.)

Maria Minerva (this is my favourite video by her!!)


100% Silk blogspot

Yes, this is the FRESHEST shit right now players>> time to get your ears around these mind-bending cerebral vibrations.

Ok, so its Halloween too, but fuck witches, trolls or any fuckin' gangstas n molls. We're goin FULL BEAM to create the craziest future porno lounge this side of Total Recall. We're talking U.V overload, X-rated digital projections and tripped out horror-bliss. Just look out for the three-titted prostitute and Arnie in full space gear. *PLEASE LEAVE ALL LAMBO HOVER-CRUISER KEYS IN THE BOWL AT THE FRONT.*

Space station Islington Mill is open 21:00 - 05:00>>> All earthlings invited/// Universal Love For All xx

Tickets: Boomkat:

Piccadilly Records, Oldham Street. £8

£10 on the door - if not sold out. With her album likely charting high in Piccadilly Records albums of the year and lots of other media whores coveting her gorgeous vibrations we expect this to sell out rapid like!

'let us traverse the cosmos together my brother....cytopia looms, breach the void...'


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