Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pingin' Limited Edition Wet Play Tees complete with Power Pack For Sale!

'From What To Wear To Worse For Wear'

Grey Tee

*Ok peops... Our first batch of turbo fresh Wet Play tees are available NOW!
*These threads are of a very LIMITED edition so move fast!!!!!!

*Each Tee comes complete with a very special Wet Play 'Power Pack' 
which includes each of the following luxury items.....

> Special Wet Play poster designed 'n' signed by Randy Marsh.
> Ruf Dug's Tucked-in chump din mix tape CD in schnazzily designed sleeve.
> Extra spesh Tucklet from the makers of 'Tuck' fanzine
> One free pass for any Wet Play event in 2012!!!!

*Now, for the price of £20 only, we are fucking spoiling you!

ALL SOLD OUT NOW! - Too slow ya chumps!

*List of sizes and colours available below (we'll update this post daily)

> Sports Grey: SOLD OUT!
> Blue Dusk: SOLD OUT!
> Dark Heather SOLD OUT!
> Stone Blue: SOLD OUT!
> Orchid: SOLD OUT!

*Check TWITTER and FACEBOOK for updates on more fantastic Wet Play merch in tha near future!

*Photos of all colours can be found at our facebook gallery: CLICK HERE!

Power Pack Contents

Dark Heather Tee

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