Tuesday, 17 April 2012

*Wet Play Tapecast #1 OUT NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

*Wet Play Tapecast #1 : Kickin' Pigeon's Galactic Bounce!
*Time To Break Out Your Old Sony Walkmen.

> Ok everyone it's finally dropped. KP's galactic bounce has been a long time coming but its definitely been worth the wait. 90 minutes of relentless peak-out on a LIMITED EDITION super HOT PINK hi-fidelity cassette tape complete with complimentary download scrawled into a lovely bespoke inlay. Described best below, straight from the pigeon's beak............

*A non-stop interstella music trip! Only now deemed fit for human consumption.

*The sound of Mars, Northwest. Circa 1991. All loose spandex and neon air max's.

*One music critic on Neptune declared "This is too house for round here"

*The recent success at LHC (Large Hadron Collider) was largely due to the recording of this mix.

*Make your bedroom sound like the moon.


> Right so to get your suction cups on one of these RARE beauties for just £5.99 or less simply do one of the following....

> Email us direct at: wetplaymcr@gmail.com to get one off your nearest Wet Play Pal - We will use hard cash or paypal for these transactions (please note, no jibs, ticks or begs) 

> Purchase online here at: PICCADILLY RECORDS or BOOMKAT

> Purchase in-store at Piccadilly Records, Oldham St, Manchester

*Ok so dont delay as we only got 100 of these little belters manufactured and we sold a bundle already. We'll update this post with new stockists as we get em and let you know when we start running low.....

*Inlay and artwork designed by Randy Marsh (randymarshuk@gmail.com). *All tapes combobulated by Wet Play pals @ Kickin' Pigeons's coop, April 2012

x Galactic Love x

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