Wednesday, 27 June 2012

TOM NOBLE *Hypno-boogie seance!!! (28/07/12)

*Ok everyone... Get set to SWEAT as we slide TOM NOBLE into the hot seat for our next outing! We've been keeping an eye on this cat for some time now and with a resume like his, its easy to see why.....

*A massive player on the modern boogie/disco scene, Noble swapped his native Milwaukee and the great lakes for L.A and Southern California's sun-drenched west coast in the mid 2000's taking an already weighty reputation for unearthing forgotten gems and crafting hard hitting disco/funk reworks with him. Since hitting the Los Angeles scene and frequenting spots such as Dam Funk's notorious Funkmosphere club night on Mondays in Culver city, his vibes morphed from the raw disco/funk throwdowns of his earlier tackle and the re-issues on his already established and highly regarded LOTUS LAND RECORDS to engulf inspiration from the synth-driven, hypnotic power of 80's boogie power jams. Pumping out proper, reworked floor versions of old nuggets and heavy original tackle to boot.

*After smashing out numerous floor melters on CLONE, PPU, FUTURE TIMES and his own ventures WHATCHAWANNADO and SUPERIOR ELEVATION RECORDS (and we ain't talking about turgid, limp-dick, half 'n' hour takin' to make re-edits with an extra bass kick and no balls either) over the past few years, he has now firmly planted himself at the top of the underground boogie pyramid.....

*Hit the vids for a taste of what you're in for on the 28th July......

'Malaca' on Future Times (Featured on PPU Video party 2!)

'Sleepinmybed' from the massive LIGER VISION E.P on Clone Loft Super series

Just one of the hits unearth and re-flexed on Lotus Land

Huge anthem. Tom Noble Edit on his own Superior Elevation Records

*Even more vibe here:    Tom Noble SoundCloud   ///   Superior Elevation Records

> Right, so basically this is NOT TO BE MISSED! We will be erecting an inpenetrable boogie bubble at Nimba's Q CAVERN for this one! Once you're IN you might not be able to escape so BE WARNED! <

>Your very own Wet Play Pals will be FULLY armed with their heaviest jams n tightest tucks so get down early doors and soak up the full force. Expect dim lights, hand holding and chanting as we summon up the boogie gods! <

*Advance tickets are staggering value at £6 only. Available at all the usual outlets... Special couples tickets will also available for the occasion.... Just ask your nearest or most dearest Wet Play representative x

*Physicals in-store at Piccadilly Records, Oldham Street, Manchester.

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