Tuesday, 9 October 2012



OK, what to say? Those who attended last year's session with the Beautiful Swimmers will be able to attest to the sheer HEAT that these guys carry around…

These days the Swimmers are full fledged poster boys for a loose gaggle of DC / NYC based nutters who don't give a fuck about that EDM bollocks, for they are far too busy mining serious COSMIC TREATS from their secret laboratories…

At the forefront of it all stand the Swimmers with their deep '83 swamp vibes: think Terence McKenna crash-landing the Mothership at Compass Point studios and you'll get some idea of what fuels this pair… the world still reels from their epic hit "BIG COAST" (very expensive record now) and soon there will be a bunch more weaponry emerging from them via Future Times… first taster "New Balance" is a heavily compressed tropical garage BELTER… make no mistake, these guys come equipped to SOAK+++

This is gonna be of course an extra special one. You can't book Beautiful Swimmers and not crack on towards dawn. We got a late licence sorted and we're going all the way through till SIX A.M…. ITS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT

Wet Play w/BEAUTIFUL SWIMMERS (Future Times)
Saturday 27 October
Kraak Gallery, Stevenson Sq, MCR
10:30pm - late late late
£7 / £10 on night

Tix from: Wet Play's E-Commerce Gateway / Skiddle / Instore at Piccadilly Records

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