Monday, 9 September 2013

Showbiz Season 2013/14 Preview...

Another summer has burnt its way into our memory banks... Long and mostly hot, plenty of highlights and good times... Techno and speedboats.. tractors, trips to toon town... horse flies with heads, boogie meltdowns... warped wax, micro-peckers, nintendos and all that jazz.... So little time to recover before the start of the new SHOWBIZ SEASON!!! - Traditionally September is the month where clubland magically springs back into action after the 'summer break' as our streets get peppered with hordes of googily-eyed freshmen (watch out for even googlier looking scallies kids).... We all know however, that showbiz never kips... We've been at it all summer ya pussies!

Anyway... Our first official do of the 'season' is coming up in the form of an old fashioned versus night down at Soup Kitchen where we take on the SPACE DOCKING cats allllll night.. You may have heard some stories circulating the northern quarter about this lot.. yeah the one where a delusional young gentlemen decided to drop his keks on the dance floor and vigorously frig himself in the bum hole and other erogenous places to the delight/horror of onlooking 'wholesome' revellers up at Gulliver's? Unfortunately Randy Marsh has lost the camera phone evidence he took of this event otherwise it would be getting posted up.. anyone who received those pictures in a text message via Marsh please forward them to: as soon as possible and we'll update this post immediately. Let's just say it was the music at Space docking that whipped this guy up into a sweaty naked frenzy... so be careful come the 20th Sept...

Flyer by: Ste Spandex
Wet Play vs. Space Docking
*Intergalactic Lazer Battle*
Friday 20th September
Soup Kitchen
10pm-4am / £5

SOME BLURB: September sees us return to the Soup Kitchen for the first time since New Year's Eve and pit our record collections against the Space Docking monoliths - Pete Mangalore and Connor Thomas. Without boring you with the facts; if you've been to a truly 'cutting edge' or 'forward thinking' electronic music night in Manchester within the last 10 years, chances are our Man like Connor Thomas will have been behind one of them. Constantly scouring the cosmos for the hottest new shit, Connor's been responsible for both exposing and showcasing new talent before we've even heard of it. Not only that, a stalwart at BOOMKAT and head of Death Of Rave record label, Connor's got more credentials than an army major. Space docking co-hort Pete never fails to amuse and offend, bending genres and weaker minds with his intimidating tracklists. Expect a smoking crater where the dancefloor once stood.


NEXT WET PLAY???????? 

We're working a some very exciting angles at the moment so anticipate news soon!... Our SENSUAL SUMMER MASSAGE at Kraak back at the start of August was crazy.... For those of you that didn't get in or had to queue for ages... We're regretful that the club was a bit too small for the hundreds that turned up and that our usually well soaked machine had a few minor logistical hitches on the night... We're working to be able to accommodate more go-ers in the very near future so keep em peeled and get tickets in advance for the next one and turn up before midnight!.......

Transporter beams.....
Il Bosco slaps a Mind Meld on each and everyone... Big Vibes.



Islington Mill
Thursday 12th September
FREE ENTRY!!! - donations requested
6pm - 2am

Our friends at the Mill in partnership with Berghain have nicely invited us to play at this Techno party in support of ALL OUT along side the likes of Bohemian Grove, Trus'me, Trash-o-rama and more tba... It's a FREE DO... Needless to say Pidge will be armed to the beak.



Silverclub and Red Laser Records Present...
Saturday 12th October
Deaf Institute
10pm-4am / £4&£6

Another chance to see Spandex's increasingly rawkus live sprawl here... this time on the bill for an evening of live tackle with pals Silverclub and Tommy Walker 3 plus wife-beater DJ support....

Poster by: Randy Marsh

*On the topic of Spandex. check his BASEMENT SEX TAPES HERE: We promise you that it'll be the best two fifty you've spent since Megariders were two fifty....


*Right so remember LOOK out for details on the next WET PLAY soon!!!! and also get ready for our next record.... WGFM#2 will be out before too long... WGFM#1 has hit the shelves and record bags hard so if you've been kippin give yourself a wee pinch... Showbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!

Wet Play Pals x

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