Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wet Play LIVE from the White Hotel 03.12.16

Saturday 3rd December 2016

Wet Play Presents:
*LIVE* from the White Hotel, Salford:

<<<<<<<<DRENCH UPDATE>>>>>>>>

BAD NEWS: Unfortunately PANORAM has fallen ill and is too unwell to travel - therefore is OFF the bill for Saturday’s party ): Get well soon g!

GOOD NEWS: We are slashin the cover charge to 5 quid OTD. THIS IS NOW A £5 PARTY PEOPS SO NO EXCUSES MANCHESTERRRRRR! Extra sound is now being craned in. We are gonna have a sweaty one. Full Crew in Xmas spirit. Spandex has threatened to ‘Go Weird’, The Full Beam! Hydrofoil will do a few exxxtra laps and the pals intent to spend Panoram’s fee on extra BOING so beware. Ruffy is supercharging the VapeHS machine for maximum eyefuls. 

Anyone whoos bought a ticket on skiddle has been sent an email explaining the situation with reduced ticket price. Anyone whoos bought a physical will be offered either: A. £3 cash refund on the way in or B. A big bite of Bathislav Tubovic’s ‘space ball’, which is basically a massive ‘cake’ that he couldn’t finish last wknd - BE WARNED: It’s spicey. (This is a real option RMx) 

ALSO: GET down to the FREE pre-rinse at Eastern Bloc from 6-11pm to attain maximum soak. Wet Play pals will be smashin bangers out pre-DRENCH. 


- Christmas special addition of everyone's favourite rave-up..
- Festive power-ups and x-mas cheer guaranteed
- Full Beam! Hydrofoil and Cerberus Future Technologies in full live support (more below), alongside esteemed selectors Ruf Dug, Kickin' Pigeon & Swayward...
- Set in a dark, dystopian, Mad Max adventure playground.

Ok folks, it's that time of the year again. The dark nights have rolled in, it's cold outside, mycelium networks have been harvested and there's little to do other than to get right at it in a dock off warehouse on the outskirts of town listening to some of the freshest new musica around. 

Wet Play carry on the great British tradition of a Christmas knees up in the hottest underground party joint in town - The White Hotel. Serious - if you think the gentrified, magnolia-beige undercoat that's been smeared over much of the city centre recently applies to this gaff - think again. This is a RAVE BUNKER of the highest order, players; tailor made for a wet and wild soaking. Extra sound is gonna be brought in, alongside Ruf Dug's now patented multi-media experience: lights, projections, tv screens, tons of smoke and that oh so sweet smell of incense will consume the senses. We're gonna go ALL OUT to make the venue, sound and vibes all work in symbiotic harmony to achieve MAXIMUM DRENCH

Make your transition, break the cycle break the chain...

Cerberus Future Technologies:

Levenshume's finest DIY-hardware manglers, CFT make organite-fuelled sonic wizardry and shamanic techno voodoo. If Levenshume was in London these guys'd be on the front cover of Vice and Wire every fucking month. Instead they're holed up, out of sight from us mere Earthlings, getting twisted on mind altering frequencies before laying down some of the most strung-out, cerebrum bustin', wigged-out shit you're EVER likely to hear. A rare live show from these true rave gremlins. Gotta be heard to be believed.

Full Beam! Hydrofoil:

Non-stop Proton boogie hitters & flying carpet tackle for the club... special effects and boing powered bombs gratis in 1st class. Bridge crew ridin' the rudder: Randy Marsh, Metrodome & sonofapizzaman. No lifeboats.

Ruf Dug, Kickin' Pigeon & Swayward

Full WP crew in DJ support. Expect everything from slo-mo eroticism, peaked-out power bombs and psychedelic dance music from the upper echelons. Cuddles from old friends and gentle nibbles with your lifestyle individuals. Meaningful opportunities have, and will develop, installing a pathway to victory.


The original purpose:
Wet Play - A glorious feeling. Soak up the fun.

Dress to impress
Points for proper play
One key per person
Share your gifts


TICKETS: (Click em')

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