Friday, 20 July 2012


*Ok so plenty of you nailed the physical challenge at the last Wet Play - well done! For our TOM NOBLE show on the 28th july we're gonna be running the same drill only playing a different level......... Easy!

Tracky Bottoms (MUST be tucked)

Tracky Tops (tucking optional)
Yes, Uncle Ben's promotional tops do count!

Failure will result in you paying the full door price of £8... Success will result in you qualifying for the lower amount of £6... Of course you can swerve all this by buying a TICKET which gives you FULL immunity....

*TOP TIP* If you're short on the correct gear to complete the challenge, get yourself down to the £3 Shop, or should I say the 'Nothing over 5 pound' shop as its now known on Oldham Street, MCR. 'But if I spend £3 on a pair of tracky bottoms or a tracky top and I pay £6 into Wet Play that'll mean i've paid £9 which is more than the door price' I hear you cry.... We know, we know - life just doesn't make any sense does it?

*PHYSICAL TICKETS - Piccadilly Records, Oldham St, Manchester

- Oh and by the way don't be turning up in a FULL tracky unless you want to be forced into taking TWO mandatory blasts of Liquid Gold POPPERS upon arrival...... It aint the Olympics....

This way to the ladies discus final..... 2 Blasts of poppers for you love x
After party at Spandex castle anyone? - Poppers optional.

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  1. I think I know that lad on the left...... his napper rings a bell. RMx