Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tom Noble goes sick at Wet Play!

*Activate! TN takes over the Wet Play cockpit....
*Free Japanese air-con for the booth...
*Nimba hits the floor with a round of refreshments for all!
*Boogie fists forward...

*So TOM NOBLE rocked into Manchester & tore the spine out of a packed Q Cavern at last Saturday night's Wet Play - We are talking a 3 hour long boogie mission at FULL throttle. This guy is one sick cat people, with deep, deep insight and incredible knowledge about game and it showed in bucket loads as he kept the pace UP and the party PUMPED for the full duration of his set with absolutely no let off, not for a second - It was a pleasure to have him come and play for us and of course, HUGE love from us going out to all you Wet Players... Nu and regular who climbed on board with abandon again so BIG, MASSIVE thanks for making this go down like it did! UNREAL!

)>)>) Extra Iimagery! (<(<(

(Marsh tackle boogie cam)

(Jappon popper cam)

*RAWKUS BONUS FOOTAGE: End of night cam by Ruf Dug. WILD!

*Wet Play will be back on the 8th September!!! Venue/Guest TBA...

x Wet Play Pals x

>)>)>) Broken soldiers...... Don't tell bill Oddie! (<(<(<

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