Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Wet Play Pay Load COMPLETE... Lets launch this bastard

Right then Space Cadets! Things are shaping up for the end of the world and we're just dropping by with a few HINTS & TIPS to help you negotiate earth's final level with ease... start fuelling your boosters cos its nearly time for ------> BLAST-OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF..... now pay attention chumps cos there's some important info here:

1: !!!!!!SEAHAWKS LIVE BAND ON AT 10:30PM!!!!!!

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!! The band is on early!!! After the band is Seahawks DJ set then we're all jumping on to PEAK IT OUT with our VERY SPECIAL GUEST BEGIN.

So consider yourself TOLD. If you show up at 11:30 and you miss the band it's NOT OUR FAULT.


Martys already been to the future, got on the mothership and has some snacks waiting for us up there
We are leaving Planet Earth on Saturday people, FOREVER. We are joining the mothership and getting out of here before the mayans blow it up or whatever. SO there is no better way to accustom yourself to your new future of intergalactic raving and general sci-fi business than by rocking a pair of SWEET MIRRORSHADES!!!

nice one pal, 8 quid for you but sorry your two lady friends are paying a tenner each
excusez-moi, avez-vous du tech-'ouse???
Also you will need some extra gruds. We're leaving forever.


Jacko - constantly prepared for mothership connection. We didn't mean those kind of doves though Mike. You really do have the mind of a child dont you.
Of course, if you buy a ticket before hand we promise to upload your own personal Wet Play Monogrammed Mirror Shades and Grud package to the mothership for collection once we're in hyperspace.  And you get cheap entry to the party. But you should probably bring some spare gruds along anyway. And some mirror shades because then if you're all wearing sunnies we might be able to use a few more of the pictures we take from the party this time capeesh????????????

you cant tell but I've had 55 mushrooms and a purple om


Yes folks Wayward's off the Rum and Tizer FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! and he's up for doling out a few lifts from town to Islington Mill (not far). So if you fancy a free ride in the infamous golf buggy give the hotline a call from 9pm on the eve... PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited service.... He'll only be able to squeeze a handful of runs in before Seahawks get going.....

*This isn't a blag... Craig means it (trust him... he's from Cheadle) *I must re-iterate though....... WAYWARD CRAIG WILL BE OFF THE RUM!!!! So no need to worry on that count. He has personally assured us that his late night tizered-up kerb mounting days are well behind him. Best behavior guaranteed! Plus: If he looses another one of his Mam's i-pod nanos he's gonna be in even more trouble than after the last Wet Play!

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