Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Some bumf.....

> > > > > > > > > > WHERE GOOD FRIENDS MEET #1 < < < < < < < < < <

You Are Welcome...

Does not your heart yearn to taste
the soothing drip of our holistic merriment?

Wet Play dive into the record world with 'Where Good Friends Meet #1' - a showcase of artists and sounds from the infamous Manchester soiree.

First up is LOGE with 'E 180 Love' - a dazzling, hydraulic-driven ride round west coast L.A come sunset. Keep those shades down low to reflect the neon beams this track fires from it's hardware driven body mechanics. Hear the fiery red sun melt into the square bass that simply repeats on and on....

Teleporting us straight into 5D is SKANKY MAGIC next with 'Skanky Magic'. Crazy use of spring reverbs, darting leads and anti-gravity sonics will have you bouncing all over innerspace as you adjust to the hypnotic two-note buzz. Electric, mesmerizing and from another galaxy completely. It's blissful finale soaring through into the cosmos in a technicolour haze.

METRODOME's '909 Lovin' is next. Precision built for settign dancefloors alight and with an arrangement that'll twist heads inside out. Just when you think this track's burnt out, anohter sick bassline sets the floor on fire again, accompanied by one of the maddest signature sounds since Terror Danjah;s gremlin. Pure Heat.

Finally we get Theo's Ugly edits and Jamal Moss's Members Only edits interpreted by a speed fuelled, level riding rogue from Manchester's underbelly. 'Edit 2 (2007 Version)' bumps and simmers uncontrollably, riding the sample like a bitch before dropping into tripped-out celestial disco chaos. If you thought only the Detroit and Chicago cats knew how to fuck an MPC hard, then STE SPANDEX has just brought home the bacon.

Wet Play - A glorious feeling - Soak up the fun

WGFM#1 out on RED LASER Sooooooooooooooooooon...

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