Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Golden Compliments

<<< Next Drench: Saturday 3rd August 2013 >>>

*Many thanks to those who rammed out Kraak on the 18th May... Friends were swapped and new ones made.... Those who rocked up post 1am and couldnt get in or had to wait : get down EARLIER next time for maximum SOAK.... 

*More details on the next party on the way... in the meantime.... we managed to tape the entire night back in May.. we were gonna snip out the best (tightest) bits but have decided to bang it out RAW as it was... warts n all.... 5hrs and change... GET your gnomes round... ideal late nite listening post gurn.

>>>Visual footage from a ducks-eye-view<<<

See you next time through the haze.....

WPPs x

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