Thursday, 4 September 2014

BBQ G-Brief /// Through The G-Hole /// Full Beam!

1. Wet Laser BBQ G-Brief

The dust in our heads has finally settled after the Wet Laser BBQ down at First Chop & The Roadhouse. BIG THANKS to everyone that came down and made it an EXTRA special one...

These snaps are a bit murky but they give you the vibe... there seem to be a distinct lack of photographic evidence... probably for the best... 

So we ended up partying in three club spaces.... Daytime jam outside, under the arches and then on to the fantastic inside club space at the First Chop Brewing Arm until Midnight... Due to noise complaints from newly built hotels (we we here first dick heads! - get some quadrouple glazing you tight arsed nob scratches), the plug literally had to be pulled after the heroics of Mikey Don on the 11pm-12am slot... But everyone dived on the 1-pop highway over to a jumpin Red Play after party at the Roadhouse for the last leg of the 11 hour marathon...

Hopefully we got the whole shin-dig recorded cause LeonXLeon had a gadget on him... Gonna take a bit to go through it but when we do it will be posted up. In the meantime here's a wee message from old Gerry.....

Once again, THANKS to everyone involved - The venue staff (who broke the world record for finding empty baggies during the clean up), All the crews n heads that played - The Social Service, Clandestino from Leeds, LeonXLeon (Teleportation mission from Gay Paris), Boggy, sonofapizzaman, Mikey Don, The Disco Mums and Blane on the sick visuals throughout.... Special props to Dom on Door duties, Il Bosco (A.K.A the black Lenny Henry) who we joined forces with on this one and who worked like a nutter as standard and for all yous mad heads that make these thing go BOOIOIIIOIIOOOIIIIINNNNNNG x

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2. Spacedust Selection 004 - Through the G-hole by Randy Marsh

Randy was kindly asked to provide a special mix for Canadian outfit Spacedust... Check the outcome...

RM's ‘Through The G-Hole’ mix for SPACEDUST is a brisk cruise of early evening moochers that eventually pencil-drops into post-midnight hydrofoil, fuelled throbbers. All stacked up in signature RM style – ‘All Hitters, No Shitters’ (Catchphrase) 

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3. Full Beam w/ Glowing Palms ROADHOUSE 05/09/13


All night, all wax boogie jam FULL BEAM! returns to action on September 5th... Featuring Glowing Palm... Already done pure writing for this so here's some links n shit... £5 party - GET DOWN TO IT.

Randy Marsh does NOT give blowjobs to trendy Northern Quarter media types.
Despite the rumours... it's just not true.. or it it? apply here: 07429807793


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