Tuesday, 4 November 2014

!!!!! Wet Play / Bohemian Grove Sinkhole Opening Ceremony 14/11/14 !!!!!

****14th November****

<>Wet Play & Bohemian Grove<>

Sinkhole Opening Ceremony

10pm – 5am, Bangkok Bar, Princess St.

…..£8 / £10…..

>>>>…After around four years of either trying to avoid each other’s party, or actually clashing with each we put our noggins together and decided it was about time to join forces for a multi-romp.

After spotting this crazy licensed restaurant with late opening times and wild decorum everything fell into place nicely.

New venue, new vibe! For one night only….

Bohemian Grove and Wet Play have been throwing raucous, hedonistic parties in the city now for over four years each, both with a very unique take on what we like to call underground music. B.G’s Means&3rd, Vietnam, Cottam and Damo B are always as much in demand as the cutting edge guests from the world of electronic that frequent the night. Simply put – if you wanted futuristic sounds played with finesse and style, in one of the most friendly and up-fer-it atmospheres in Manchester - the monthly Bohemian Grove parties at Islington Mill were the place to be. We at Wet Play preferred to be deep in the city centre, rampaging through once Man City-populated public houses, studio loft spaces, the monolith that is Soup Kitchen and a few other random drinking holes in the course of our messy 4 years in existence. Lavish exuberance, steamin’ energy and showbiz levels of (un)professionalism our trademark; everyone leaving the gaff with sopping wet smiles across their bulbs. Now at reduced numbers, the power-quadrangle of Randy Marsh, Ste Spandex, Kickin’ Pigeon and Metrodome ply various types of moods and grooves for your cerebral pleasure.

Bo Grove Allstars: https://soundcloud.com/bohemian-grove-mancunia

A reckless Wet Play, a short while ago....

Bankok Bar instantly screamed of the wild debauchery that used to occur at Charlie’s back in the day. Situated in a similar part of town and in the rustique basement of a dock off restaurant, this isn’t yer normal nightclub folks! Expect to be blown a new orifice as we plunge deep into Britain’s cavernous sinkholes…

Expect a repeat of these scenez

Tickets on sale in Piccadilly Records, Eastern Bloc, Skiddle, RA and The Pyramid Suite. With both crews attracted loyal firms we expect this to get close to capacity - advance tickets advised! Don't wanna be hangin' around outside getting harassed by over-enthusiastic ladyboys ;)


Possible Sinkhole Scenario #34
K.P x


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